Coming-Out: I'M INTO HER!

I wonder why I haven't done a post much earlier about this woman?! I know a lot of you guys are hatin' Kim and the whole K'clan, but I'm like obsessed with her! Since the 5th season of "Keeping Up" I'm addicted to the Kardashians. I'm not really a big fan of reallity shows, however this one is kinda different. I like this defined illusion of reality, even though everyone knows that the whole show is scripted and that the girls aren't really helping bums on street ;) ...
I also think that Kim (especially since she's with Kanye) has a magnificent and amazing style. She shows that you don't need size zero and the perfect body to look sexy and beautiful! Basically thinking 'bout her in this all white Calvin Klein crop top and skirt, with snake Giuseppe Zanotti heels, combined with a gorgeous navy celiné coat, thrills me! 
I also wanna express my admiration to Joyce Bonelli, who always sets new makeup trends with Kim! Just think about Kim's cray contours and highlights, or even her classic Angel lipstick by Mac - Jesus! ...

Thus tune in for the new Season, every Sun 9pm est. on E!


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