Hey my lil Hunters, I'm really into dark and black colors lately! I don't know if its because of the cold season or basically my "depressing" mood. Howsoever, I'm lovin' it! I mean how classier could it be ? - a black basic polo neck sweater, combined with a black coat and chelsea boots. To add a little bit of casualness, I picked up one of my silver link chains by Givenchy and a black flip back. What do you guys think about it ?
Oh and if you wonder why I'm writing here, it's basically because if felt like I wanna go back to my "roots" and start blogging more via the cloudhunter. Of corse nothing is gonna change on Ridic! ...

xx caspar

coat - zara,  polo neck sweater - cos, jeans - cheap monday, boots - topman, cap - NYY,  chain - givenchy, glasses - ray ban

Credits to Alexandra Wolf

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