February Beauty Faves

Desktop202 Hey my lil' Hunters! Yesterday I noticed I never really did an actual beauty post. So herewith I catch up on it! This month was pretty hectic, because of my exams and stuff. But especially when I'm frantically busy, I start concentrating on my self and of course on beauty. Thus here are my current beauty favorites! ... 
My old new love this month is my ck one body wash, I used it back in the days when I was around 14 and this month I felt in love with it again. I just really enjoy the smell, it's not heavy and I feel like it turns out totally different on everybody. So it really gives you a personal fragrance.
The oily skin moisturizer series by Avene was a real life saver this month! Usually, I used to use the Clinique moisturizers, but i used it up like craycray, so i needed something more inexpensive. Thus I went to my skin doctor and she highly recommended the Avene cremes. I'm using them for 20 days now and could't life without it anymore. Seriously guys, its just the best! I like the texture, its perfume-free and it lasts all day long.
To stick to the point, I also really loved the Mac Studio Fix Fluid Foundation this month! I mean I wear foundation on a everyday basis , so i really need something not too heavy but still with high coverage and I just think that Mac works the best for me. ...

Whats on my Phone!

Desktop198 Hey my lil Hunters! Today i wanna show you my favorite Apps, which I use nearly every day besides WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and Co.! This Tag is being highly requested by you, so lets get right into it.  ... 

My Fave NYFW Shows Autumn/Winter 14/15

Desktop197 New York Fashion Week is over and I'm stunned! The NY Fashion Week always introduces THE fashion-month of the season, until the 5th of March Designers will show their new collections in London, Paris and Milano. And I think New York really has raised standards. My personal highlights this season are Alexander Wang, DKNY, 3.1 Phillip Lim and Marc by Marc Jacobs! So let's get right into it. ...
Desktop193 Alexander Wang 
As always, Wang didn’t disappoint in providing us with a hard-edged show of grunge and street wear. Patched pocketed coats, checked collarless tunics and some serious slicked down, parted hair showed us that Wang hadn’t changed despite his recent move to Balenciaga. This was a fierce show that highlighted his roots to minimal athletic asethetic; with city shorts, zigzagged jumpers and dusty coloured macs all proving his label as a tough one to pull off. Desktop194 Donna Karan 
The wardrobe was a collection any true New York ‘hipster’ would covet, all black with baseball caps echoed the home of street style that is DKNY – the true New Yorkers uniform. A quilted black parka, monochrome checked backpacks and hogan high tops were no great surprise from Karen, a little disappointing and already expected. The one surprise? A neon lace minidress – for flirty evenings in the ‘city that never sleeps.’ Desktop196 3.1 Phillip Lim 
We saw beautifully embellished bomber jackets, shearling coats and draped dresses set alongside sharp collars and structured yet daring blazers. The standout pieces of the collection though were certainly the shearlings. Fuzzy pastels, vibrant raspberry tones and cool neutrals were combined in stunning exhibitions of Lim’s modern, urban aesthetic. The oversized shaping contrasted to the sharp leather panels to create a collection sure to head straight to the top of every New York fashionistas wish list. Desktop195 Marc by Marc Jacobs 
Katie Hillier and Luella Bartley’s inaugural collection for the label was one of the most anticipated shows of NYFW, asserting a collection of rugged street wear fixtures infused with classic tailoring that didn’t shy away from bold prints nor revamped conservative touches such as their leather obi belts adding structure to stiff oversized-martial arts jackets. Strong Japanese influences in the way of traditional warrior applique, bold colour combos and eccentric silhouettes more akin to Asian design (think Yohji), elevated the label deemed ‘stale’ by CEO Robert Duffy last year before the British pair’s appointment. Lengths dropped to just below the knees, a masculine aesthetic ruling over the functionality of the collection. Basketball style footwear as well as dainty flats from an era gone-by reimagined the meaning of day-to-night wear and ‘gangster’ elements infused strength and toughness into the looks.


Facial, Exhibition and Ridics #huntersdiary

Desktop190 Hey my lil' Hunters, my past week was pretty relaxing! I had winter hols (my last vacations forever btw!!!) thus I finally was able to settle all the little things, which you just can't manage in your everyday life. For instance my Micro-derma treatment! As you guys know, I struggle with acne since i'm 14. Now I finally got over it, but I still have these scars, which are extremely annoying! So I went down to my skin-doctor and she highly recommended this "micro-derma" treatment. This facial works pretty simple, they basically just roll over your face with little needles in order to "destroy" the first layer of skin. Thereafter the skin is kind of forced to recreate itself, so that scarfs or wrinkles disappear over time.  
To quicken this process you can use vitamin C facial serum! (I highly recommend the Kiehls "POWERFUL-STRENGTH LINE-REDUCING CONCENTRATE" for around 50€) ... 

Ethel Vaughn Fall/Winter 2014/15

Oh Lord'! I actually think that this whole 80th/90th chic is over, but Katrin Diedrich definitely shows thru her collection a quite skilful combination of simple elegance, high quality materials and elements of the 90th. "Die to Rule" reflects youthful elegance with a ghetto chic glam.
My personal it-pieces of the collection is the beige coat made of neoprene and the transparent coat in combination with the transparent pants! ... 

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