February Beauty Faves

Desktop202 Hey my lil' Hunters! Yesterday I noticed I never really did an actual beauty post. So herewith I catch up on it! This month was pretty hectic, because of my exams and stuff. But especially when I'm frantically busy, I start concentrating on my self and of course on beauty. Thus here are my current beauty favorites! ... 
My old new love this month is my ck one body wash, I used it back in the days when I was around 14 and this month I felt in love with it again. I just really enjoy the smell, it's not heavy and I feel like it turns out totally different on everybody. So it really gives you a personal fragrance.
The oily skin moisturizer series by Avene was a real life saver this month! Usually, I used to use the Clinique moisturizers, but i used it up like craycray, so i needed something more inexpensive. Thus I went to my skin doctor and she highly recommended the Avene cremes. I'm using them for 20 days now and could't life without it anymore. Seriously guys, its just the best! I like the texture, its perfume-free and it lasts all day long.
To stick to the point, I also really loved the Mac Studio Fix Fluid Foundation this month! I mean I wear foundation on a everyday basis , so i really need something not too heavy but still with high coverage and I just think that Mac works the best for me. ...

Jesus, I also have to mention the Kiehls Line-Reducing Concentrate! I works wonder, I'm serious!! It's basically a vitamin C concentrate which helps your skin to rebuilt, so it helps you with acne, scars and lines.

ck one body wash (10€) - Buy me!
Avene Cleanance (13€) - Buy me!
Mac Studio Fix Fluid (30€) - Buy me!
Plus White Bleach Gel (20€) - Buy me!
Kiehls Line Reducing Concentrate - Buy me!
Mythic Oil - (16€) - Buy me!

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  1. love these products !!!! the kiehls stuff is like THE best!!


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