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Desktop198 Hey my lil Hunters! Today i wanna show you my favorite Apps, which I use nearly every day besides WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and Co.! This Tag is being highly requested by you, so lets get right into it.  ... 
Moment2 The first App I want to show you is "Prefery". With this application you can connect yourself with your friends or your favorite Bloggers in order to see there newest shopping achievements. Moreover, you can read reviews about every single product on your favorite Blog! The best thing about it ? It's connected to the biggest online shops. So you see, you like, you buy! I mean, how fab is that ?! Moment1 "Uber" is basically like a normal taxi App, but you'll drive with limousines and fancy cars (totally my thing) for the price of a normal taxi drive. The App also tells you how long your drive is going to be and the price. Now comes the stressful part of a taxi drive, the payment! But with Uber you don't have to care about tips or paying anymore, because the App is connected to your PayPal account and debits atomically. The best thing: Uber checks with how many friends you have been driven and splits the price! Moment Ampya is a new music streaming app, where you can listen to your favorite interprets anytime and everywhere without downloading the song! You also can share your songs with your friends or listen to the current charts. Desktop199 THE NEW SOCIAL MEDIA! On keek you can share short quick videos with your friends or fans and can also watch videos from your favorite celebs, which gives you an amazing insight in their daily life. Love that! Desktop200 For editing photos quickly on my phone I always use Afterlight! The App just has the best filters ever and it makes editing totally simple and easy. You also can share your best photos directly via Afterlight with your friends!

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