Party, New Glasses and Cray cab ride #Huntersdiary

Desktop203 Hey my lil' Hunters! I'm awfully sorry!!! I know I'm not really good in posting on a regular basis at the time, but I'm just being #thatshitcray busy. As ya'll know, I'm in my final high school year right now, which really whacks me. Whatsoever, no excuses! This whole crap will be over in two month and I'm gonna be all yours. Do you have any wishes or suggestions for new posts? Because after High I really want to post more on my blog definitely. ...

1: On our way to a party in town #ubercars // 2: After dinner with my fave person on world, regina! // 3: Discussions #drunk // 4: just another selfie // 5: you can't sit with us // 6: New Givenchy sweater // 7: With Regina at Vapiano // 8: ups selfie // 9: OMG I trash the club // 10: with ma Sopfel //  11: pretending to be smart @libary // 12: With Morries glasses, love the look! haha
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